Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Fine Night for Porn

                                           photo by Emma Dalzell
                                           dancers:  Jenni Wren and Phil Sanger

In April 2011 the gorgeous Everleigh Social Club hosted the second gathering of The Dirty Movie Appreciation Society.  This was a different type of evening; the focus was on fetishes of all kinds.  Our hostess Greta had selected the films and introduced each of them.  They were all shorts, mostly not more than two to five minutes.   Compared to last month, the crowd of about 20 was more relaxed and in the mood for some fun. 

Once again, these are impressions, so please put up with a few incomplete sentences.
And, I feel compelled to say that the following post contains adult material.  Yes, saying that is old-fashioned and stodgy.  Well, that’s how I roll sometimes. 

The first was “Tuu”.  I don’t think I’m spelling that correctly.  I believe the star’s name was Tuu Kuik.  The film consisted of composite shots of her in a tub performing a sort of one woman water ballet.  The shots alternated between color and B&W.  It was very impressionistic – she looked at the camera most of the time as she was… pleasuring herself?  Waiting for someone?  Who knows.  The music was a pleasant background of cello and violins. 

“Love Thyself”  Greta introduced this one as “a woman, a mirror and a lot of lip gloss”.  I really can’t sum it up any better than that.  It stars Bam Bijou.

“Electro” was very different and, dare I say it, thought provoking.  Best described as sci-fi porn.  Bar codes and numbers are the first things you see on the screen.  You next see a nude woman sitting on a floor, hugging her knees to herself protectively.  She has a row of light bulbs attached down her spine with wires coming out of them connected to …. what?...we don’t see right away.  We next see her having sex on the floor with a rather passive man.  As the camera pulls back, we see the wires are attached to some sort of huge robotic arm from the ceiling/wall which is revolving and may be controlling her movements.  She is then seen alone again, a tear running down her face.  The camera pulls back to show the room as a sort of futuristic/1984 prison-like arena.  A new man approaches a different woman and she says quietly,”don’t hurt me”.   The postscript to the film was “The difference between this video and real life is that here you can see the wires".   It's a bit depressing, soul destroying and life negating.  However, having said that, was very creative and looked terrific.  The director is Javier Horrillo.  Seeing it again, I like it much more.  Here it is, on YouTube (the title here is “Full HD”).  It contains adult content/nudity.  (Which  just happen to be two of my favorite things.) 

“Feel” was mostly fuzzy shots of a woman’s legs enclosed in fishnet stockings.  It made me think of the old line…what’s the difference between Porn and Erotica?  One of them is in focus.

“Vonkiss” was a very stylized non-story about two women.  They are made up to the nines in jewelry, make up and jeweled eye lids.  I remember very little about this one.

“Blind Passion”  This was my favorite.  Two dancers, one man and one woman.  The beauty of their strong, athletic ballet was incomparable.  It is not overtly sexual, but is gorgeously erotic.  I love the equality between the two people as well as the dancer trust and give and take of their movements.  It isn’t just the man throwing the woman around.  They balance and support each other in equal proportion.  Oh, and did I tell you they are both blindfolded?  It is truly amazing.  The dancers are Jenni Wren and Phil Sanger.  Ms. Wren is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for the company which produced the film, Slanjayvah Danza.  Their website is  Please take a look at it.  Apparently, this short is the first part of a trilogy about passion and eroticism expressed in alternative/contemporary dance mixed with tango.  Fascinating, and lovely.  Here is the video.  Again, adult content/nudity.   

Maria Beatty is the award winning producer/director of two of the longer shorts.  Her company, Bleu Productions, specializes in fetish videos, particularly in relation to women’s sexuality.   Greta described her as the Jenna Jameson of BDSM. 

The first was titled “The Elegant Spanking”.  It was a silent film, with old fashioned looking intertitles.  It reminded me a bit of one of those old porn books about a gentleman’s life, or something.  It is a two character study of a laundry list of fetishes.  Maria Beatty stars as Kitty the maid.  I don’t remember the name of the actress who plays the Mistress.  Here are some of the things I do remember:
Mistress dancing and stripping before a mirror.
Feet and toes, both in and out of stockings.
Shoe worship.
Shoe kissing and licking.
Spanking – not particularly elegant.
Flogging, whipping with rose stems.
Golden showers.  (If you don’t know what that is, look it up.) 

This all did get a bit tiresome after a very brief time.  But, as I said, it was obviously made for a fetish audience.  Well, now I can say that I’ve seen it.  While the subject matter of Ms.Beatty’s body of work does not appeal to me, her visual style as a film-maker is undeniably imaginative and often stunning.

“Bike Seat” was a two minute close up of a woman’s naked backside perched on a bike seat.  (You’ve got to admit, there is a great deal of truth in advertising in porn titles.  No beating around the bush.  Or if there is, the title of the video would likely be, “Beating Around the Bush”. )  We watched this pair of buttocks sway and jiggle to the rhythm of the bicycle and to some tune with lyrics to the effect, “life would be oh so sweet, if I were a bicycle seat”.  Cute.

“Sync”.  A 2 minute montage of the biggest collection of various porn scenes flying by so quickly it was almost subliminal.  All put to a snare drum soundtrack.

“Girls or Women”  Very short – a study in shadows.

“Flesh – Mr. Flash”.  Bodies covered with neon colors, lit up with black light.  Underneath this “stage” is another one featuring non-neon people.  Several girl/girl couples are playing when suddenly, one of them pulls out of another a large piece of raw meat.  Things get a little messy as the characters start to tear the meat off in chunks with their teeth and chew it.  It was an amusing and unexpected twist. 

“Black Glove” was another Maria Beatty production.  According to her website,, it was her debut work in 1997.  Nice use of black and white film noir.   A very ordinary man wearing a tux, morphing into full-on BDSM female drag.  Then a woman in a tux going through a series of bondage scenes.  Again, it got old pretty fast.  But visually it was striking and very watchable.  There were lines everywhere, - horizontal shadows on skin, wavy hair.  Soundtrack was not synched and consisted of sound effects - water, fire, moans.  The finale included clamps on nipples and labia, candle wax, a face mask and breathing tube.  Complete bondage.  Like I said, at least now I can say I’ve seen it.

“Jack Rabbit”  Very short.  Two girls in still poses to an operatic soundtrack.  Arty.
“Pum Pum”  Greta described this one as “Borat does a hip hop porn video”.  Again, I really can’t add anything to that.  Note:  I just looked up ‘pum pum’.  According to the Urban Dictionary it means “Jamaican term for the female sexual organ”.  Oh,… good to know.  What would we do without the web?  No, I'm not including that video.  You're on your own.  

The atmosphere of the first evening in March was a tiny bit uncomfortable.  I think in general many people were a little embarrassed watching this kind of thing in public.  This evening felt different.  It was more relaxed, looser and a lot of fun.  It seems as if the plan is for each evening to have a different theme.  Naïve little me, I never knew there was so much variety and skillful inventiveness in porn these days.  It’s great to see the world of indie cinema include interesting, independent, uncompromising (and woman created) erotica/porn.  Even if it’s not to my taste, it is to someone.  Chacun à son goût.  (Like I said, look it up.) 

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