Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birthday Boys!!!! Cushing, Price, Lee!!!

I was just reminded of an embarrassing oversight on my part.  Peter Cushing had a birthday yesterday, May 26 (born 1913); today, May 27 is the birth date of 2, count 'em, 2 horror icons - Vincent Price (born 1911) and Christopher Lee (Sir Christopher, born 1922).  

Bloody "mea culpa"s all over the place.

I understand that Mr. Cushing was one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest actors ever, the kind of guy who made tea for his movie double when the man was not feeling well.   Boris Karloff also was a sweetie.

When Vincent Price came along he gave the others a run for their money for the title of greatest gentleman in the movies.  

Christopher Lee as well.  He sounds like a genuine class act.
Happy B-Day to him, and many more!

And to Vincent and Peter...we miss you.

Mr. Cushing

"The Curse of Frankenstein"  1957
as Osric in "Hamlet" - 1948

as Van Helsing in "Dracula A.D. 1972" - 1972

as Mr. Grimsdyke in "Tales From the Crypt" - 1972

the above pic from "Scream and Scream Again" - 1969.  Vincent Price and Christopher Lee also had very small roles

Mr. Price

from "House on Haunted Hill" - 1959

from "House of Wax" - 1953

from "The Fly" - 1959.  Vincent Price and Herbert Marshall had to do their takes for this scene back to back, because they could not look at each other and say their lines about the fly in the spider web without cracking up laughing.  

from "Laura" - 1944.  With Judith Anderson

"The Pit and the Pendulum" - 1961

from "The Fall of the House of Usher" - 1960

Mr. Lee

"The Horror of Dracula" - 1958

"Dr Terror's House of Horrors" - 1965


from "Dracula A.D. 1972" - 1972.  Getting ready for the shot.  Or should I say "stake".

Got it.

"The Wicker Man" - 1973.  Lee is on the far right, in the dress.

from "The Wicker Man" - 1973. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

50 Shades of...Sellout AND 50 Shades in 50 seconds

By way of the website...

Oh, I suppose I may as well join practically everyone else and get cozy in the Redrum ("redrum!  redrum!!  REDRUM!!!) of Pain this weekend, right?  Here is the hilariously spot-on summary by Bo Blaze of the hilariously inept book.    



And for your additional viewing and listening pleasure, here is author Laura Antoniou, feminist and erotic pioneer, reading an excerpt from her parody of, well, you know.  Also from the website 50shadesofcurious.  


While we're on the subject, anyone remember The Bridges of Madison County?  The book was published in 1992 and eventually became #1 on the NYT bestseller list and stayed on the list for almost three (count 'em, three) years.  It sold approximately 20 kajillion copies and was hailed by many people as one of the most romantic books ever written since the first caveperson chipped out his or her daily journal on a rock.  

I finally got around to reading TBofMC and found it to be one of the worst books I had ever read.  (I could never have imagined what would be coming down the pike in about 20 years.)   It was a complete mystery to me what everyone was talking about.   Then a few years later the book was made into a movie by and with Clint Eastwood, also starring Meryl Streep.  While the movie was not great, it was much, much better than the book.  In my opinion.  It also has the advantage of a great soundtrack.  

The whole 50 shades thing seems like a repeat of history.  Although I don't think TBofMC had all the tie-ins (like the kit which includes the fancy grey tie with fetching handcuffs and feathers) that 50 shades has now.  As far as I remember, the only extra from TBofMC was a slight increase in the number of tourists to Madison County, Iowa to visit some of the remaining covered bridges.   Sweetly quaint, isn't it?  

In fact, a trip to view the covered bridges in the lovely, quiet Iowa countryside sounds much, much more romantic to me than opening a box of cynically marketed playthings-for-beginners which is something that someone would give as a gag gift at a bridal shower.  But that's just me.  

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday - Frank Langella!

Gorgeousity.  Is that a word?  Who cares?  It fits.  

Of course he is here on this blog because he played Dracula, both on Broadway and on film.  

Playbill from 1978 New York production.

The film was released in 1979...
...and I haven't been the same since.  The most compelling, charismatic and irresistible Dracula ever.  (ok, maybe neck and neck with Lugosi.)

Sometimes it's just a swirl of a cape, or a kiss on the hand.



Speaking of his vampire role he said,
No kidding.

Frank Langella was a bouncing New Year's baby on January 1, 1938 in Bayonne, New Jersey.  Just as successful on film as on stage, he is one of America's most talented and versatile actors.  And did I mention that he's gorgeous?  

He has played cads, e.g. in 1970's "Diary of a Mad Housewife" with Carrie Snodgress.  The film captured his first movie role as well as the feminist-consciousness-raising 1960's-1970's zeitgeist.  

He played a cad-turned-sort-of-good-guy in his next film, Mel Brooks' overlooked "The Twelve Chairs". 
"Out goes the bad air, in goes the good air...."

He's played heroes...Zorro, Sherlock Holmes...he's played Scrooge, he's played Sir Thomas More...heck he's even played Skeletor and Richard Nixon.

Great success which continues to this day, many awards, and did I mention he's fabulously gorgeous?

Happy Birthday, babe!!!!  

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The Krampus Song

Better Later Than Never Department:

I realize that we are past Christmas and way past December 6 (the Feast of St. Nicholas) and way way past Krampus Eve...but who cares?  It's KRAMPUS!!

I was going to wait till next year but decided instead to add a little something extra to this season, and for good measure probably use it again next December.  

Courtesy of the TWR Orchestra, here is The Krampus Song, sung by demons who sound a lot like chipmunks.

Extra credit:  "Anton" is supposed to be Anton Lavey, but who are the other two?  Anyone who can identify them gets a free KMR tote bag.  (if anyone actually claims that gift I will panic and try to whip one up.)

p.s. - thank you to Martin Riccardo!


The best I can make out the words:
Allright boys, we're going to do the big Krampus number, OK?


        Sure thing!

Ok, ready Solovino?


Ready Johnny?


Ready Anton?...Anton??   ANTON!!!!!


Krampus, Krampus time is near,
Time for dread and time for fear.
Tried being good but it won't take.
Krampus please give us a break!
Evil kids will all get fat.
          Me, I want to find a pot.
Children soon will face their fate,
Please Krampus don't be late!

Ok, fellas here it comes again.  Solovino, that was very good.


Very good Johnny.


Uh, Anton, you were a little too evil, watch it.  Anton?


We'll all try to play real nice.
            I'll try human sacrifice.
We can hardly stand the pain
of Anti-Santa's chain.
Children all will learn their fate.
Please Krampus don't be late!

Thank you to my wonderful followers and your lovely comments....have a VERY happy New Year!!!!  Just go easy on the human sacrifice, ok?

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Blue but Merry Christmas. And an alien.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... blues.

Great!  But we can't leave it at that.  How about some soulful blues from Ray Charles?


Oh my god, yeah.  Get Albert King in here to add some good lovin' blues and now we're talkin!


Now all you have to do is take me to New Orleans...


Oh, one more thing.  You are a football fan, I'm not, but I understand that the Super Bowl must exist, I guess.  So if it must-- then why not the Saints there?  Every year.   


A very happy, peaceful and loving holiday, whatever your mood or persuasion.  Whether you worship Cthulhu, Jesus or Santa or no one. 

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Speaking of Santa...


[Blue Xmas:  Miles Davis Sextet.  Recorded August 21, 1962. 
Miles Davis (trumpet), Bob Dorough (vocal), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Frank Rehak (trombone), Paul Chambers (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums), Willie Correa (congas, bongos).
Composed by Miles Davis and Bob Dorough.  Arranged by Gill Evans.]

[Merry Christmas, Baby:  Composed by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore.  
Ray Charles recorded at Ettal Abbey, Ettal, Germany.  1979.]

[Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin':  Composed by Mack Rice.  Performed by Albert King.]

[Christmas Time in New Orleans:  Composed and performed by Louis Armstrong]

[All I Want is The Saints in the Super Bowl:  Composed and performed by Kermit Ruffins]

[I Want an Alien for Christmas:  Composed by Adam Schlesinger.  Performed by Fountains of Wayne.]

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Die Hard and have a Happy Christmas Story!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
   lots of stuff!

And --
John gets his wife back, some new friends and a very dirty muscle shirt,
Holly gets her married name back and gets to lose a very fulfilling career,
and Hans gets a new watch...


...but the Old Man does not get any turkey.


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Monday, December 22, 2014

Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas, with Count Floyd!

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

more from Santa's bag of SCTV toys:  from 1982, "Count Floyd's Scary Little Christmas"

featuring:  Catherine O'Hara as a very scary Lucille Ball
                  Martin Short as the banjo kid from "Deliverance"
                  Eugene Levy as Ed Garvey
                  Gene Mack as Gene Upshaw
             and, of course...the scariest of them all...
                 Joe Flaherty as Count Floyd.

...and don't forget the blood sucking monkeys from West Mifflin!
ooooh, kids!  That's RRREALLY scary!!!!!


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