Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019 and Happy "Predator"!

Happy New Year 2019!!  And good riddance to 2018!!

I have decided on a new New Year's tradition.  As a wise robot once said, "There's no tradition like a new tradition!"  

Y'know how some people say that the movie "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie?  And y'know how some other people get a little hissy about it and say, "No!! Bah! Humbug! It isn't a Christmas movie simply because it takes place at Christmas!!"  A silly argument to get into, I think.

Of course "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.  Done.  Settled.

Now, on to New Year's movies.  There is a plethora of Christmas movies but not many that are associated with New Year traditions.  I can think of one which takes place on New Year's Eve and for a few days later:  "After the Thin Man".  It's a wonderful movie.  

Oh, it is a murder mystery of course.

But, back to "Predator".  I have decided that it should be at the center of a new argument about whether or not it is valid as a holiday offering.  

I have four sound reasons why it should be:
1)  Like "Die Hard" it is an action testosterone filled guys-with-big-sweaty-pecs-blowing-stuff-up gem which also contains some humor.  
2)  Both films were directed by John McTiernan.
3)  The Predator is menacing but can also appear festive.  Here he is all spark and glitter:

If seeing that doesn't put you in a party mood I don't know what would.
4)  Because. 

I don't think anyone can make a good case against it.  But my reasoned response to objections would be:

So please, please dear friends start a conversation with your buddies.  Bring up the subject abruptly for no good reason.  Stop strangers on the street or in elevators.  Make my points, make them loudly, and add your own. 


p.s.  Here is a question for you - can you think of another movie which is not a comedy which includes a curtain call scene at the end?  The end credit sequence with the actors looking into the camera and smiling is possibly my favorite bit.  It leaves the audience with a friendly it-was-all-in-fun moment after all the blood and guts.

A peaceful and very happy new year to all of you.  God bless us, everyone.  Especially Robert Mueller.

Did you know that "The Thin Man" refers not to the character Nick Charles played by William Powell in the movies?  The first murder victim in the original story was described as "a thin man".  The movies simply took the phrase which was already familiar from the novel and the first film and kept using it in the sequels.  Even cartoons of the day got into the act.

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  1. Here I am commenting on my own post. But I just thought of another dramatic movie which has a light-hearted curtain call at the end -- "The Bad Seed". Any others?