Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall of the House of Usher - screening at Facets 10/30/10 midnight

When I saw the listing for this, I assumed it would be the Roger Corman version from the 60's, which is a pretty decent movie itself. I would possibly have made plans to go. However, this is a 1928 silent version which I have never heard of. I am very excited to see it after viewing the clip above... it looks like poetry on film. There will be a live rock band accompanying the movie which should be interesting. Here is the blurb from Facets....

"Night School favorites Cursed Bird Ensemble wrap up Fright School with live scores to the silent French version of Edgar Allen Poe'sThe Fall of the House of Usher by legendary French director Jean Epstein. Luis Buñuel helped adapt the original source material, and his adaptation was heavily influenced by surrealism and Expressionism -- two of the biggest artistic movements of 1920s Paris. As an extra added attraction, Cursed Bird will also present the wacky short Monsters Crash the Pajama Party with a live score and sound effects. For this unique event, the Cursed Bird Ensemble welcomes guest stars Chris Hefner, Catie Olson, and Angela Yonke, and maybe other surprise guests.

The talented Cursed Bird Ensemble offer rock-inspired live scores to unusual silent films, updating the silent-film experience for modern audiences. Previous events include Haxan at last year's Fright School and the recent presentation of A Page of Madness."

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