Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Birthday - Edward Van Sloan!

Born November 1, 1882 in Chaska, Minnesota, Edward Paul Van Sloan (family name was Van Sloun) is a familiar face to horror fans.  He was the vampire expert Van Helsing in "Dracula", occult authority Dr. Muller in "The Mummy", Professor Waldman in "Frankenstein" and was Van Helsing (although misspelled as Von Helsing) once again in "Dracula's Daughter".  

as Van Helsing in "Dracula" explaining vampire lore to Dr. Seward (Herbert  Bunston)
Van Sloan originated the role of Van Helsing on stage for the American version of the play.  He appeared on Broadway and on tour with Lugosi and was the natural choice when the play was filmed by Universal in 1931. 

His accent and demeanor were well suited to these roles, although he was adept at comedy as well as drama.  

Van Sloan died in 1964.  

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