Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Krampus Song

Better Later Than Never Department:

I realize that we are past Christmas and way past December 6 (the Feast of St. Nicholas) and way way past Krampus Eve...but who cares?  It's KRAMPUS!!

I was going to wait till next year but decided instead to add a little something extra to this season, and for good measure probably use it again next December.  

Courtesy of the TWR Orchestra, here is The Krampus Song, sung by demons who sound a lot like chipmunks.

Extra credit:  "Anton" is supposed to be Anton Lavey, but who are the other two?  Anyone who can identify them gets a free KMR tote bag.  (if anyone actually claims that gift I will panic and try to whip one up.)

p.s. - thank you to Martin Riccardo!

The best I can make out the words:
Allright boys, we're going to do the big Krampus number, OK?


        Sure thing!

Ok, ready Solovino?


Ready Johnny?


Ready Anton?...Anton??   ANTON!!!!!


Krampus, Krampus time is near,
Time for dread and time for fear.
Tried being good but it won't take.
Krampus please give us a break!
Evil kids will all get fat.
          Me, I want to find a pot.
Children soon will face their fate,
Please Krampus don't be late!

Ok, fellas here it comes again.  Solovino, that was very good.


Very good Johnny.


Uh, Anton, you were a little too evil, watch it.  Anton?


We'll all try to play real nice.
            I'll try human sacrifice.
We can hardly stand the pain
of Anti-Santa's chain.
Children all will learn their fate.
Please Krampus don't be late!

Thank you to my wonderful followers and your lovely comments....have a VERY happy New Year!!!!  Just go easy on the human sacrifice, ok?

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  1. Just had an email from Marty Riccardo. He suggests that the line "me, I want to find a pot" could be "me, I want to make a pact". Possible. It's really hard to make out the words when chipmunks are singing.
    What do you think?